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10 Wardrobe Essentials for Senior Guy Photo Sessions

10 Wardrobe Essentials for Senior Guy Photo Sessions

Hey Guys! It's what to wear Wednesday!! Today, let's talk about senior guys and those 10 essential wardrobe items that, when put together, will take your everyday basic look to another level.

The whole purpose of senior portraits is to portray who you are in the most authentic way. But, what if who you are is jeans and a plain T (that may or may not be clean).... And your momma ain't having any of that? No worries, I got ya brother. Follow me...

10 Wardrobe essentials for Senior Guy Photo Sessions

  1. Jeans. Your favorite pair. Lighter washes for a more casual look, darker = a little more dressy.
  2. Shoes. 2 pair: one casual, one a little more dressy. And, make 'em clean. Unless you are going for a mud on the boots look then .... oooohhhh good idea!.... Sorry, back on track here...
  3. Graphic T and/or bold colored T-shirt. Make it a color that compliments your complexion. Not sure what color that is? Check out my color guide here.
  4. Button up shirt for layering on top of that T-shirt. Maybe it's plaid, maybe it's a classic oxford.
  5. Jacket or sweater: denim, motorcycle, letter... you get the idea, just make sure it coordinates with everything else. Actually make sure everything coordinates with everything. 

    Ok, so far you're thinking "DUH, I wasn't going to come naked." And if you were, please don't. I don't do those kind of pictures. Seriously though, the clothes are just the cake. Just, don't forget the icing... 

  6. Shades. Aviators, wayfarers, whatever strikes your fancy. EVERYONE looks cool in shades.
  7. Belt. Make sure it coordinates to your shoes.
  8. Watch and/or bracelet, definitely. Maybe even class ring, necklace, etc.
  9. Hat: Ball cap, beanie, fedora, etc.    
  10. Tie! Wait, don’t run yet, hear me out... Try one tied loosely with a denim shirt.  

Now layer it up: T-shirts under button ups shirts, jacket thrown over a shoulder, flash a little watch, shades tucked into a collar. That's the secret sauce. That's it. Nobody likes cake without icing. Well, I know this one girl but she's weird.

These pieces will get you started with one, maybe 2 looks. Most photographers will encourage you to bring 4-5 different looks. Be sure to ask what they suggest.

Still not visualizing? Here's some ideas by style. Don't worry, I'm a visual learner, too. ;) Oh, and if you click the image Polyvore will show you where you can buy the stuff. How cool is that?! Find lots more inspiration over on my Pinterest board.