Barbara Neely Designs


Mariah ~ Senior 2016 Spokesmodel


noun ma·riah \muh-RY-uh\
Definition of Mariah

a  :  exhibiting intelligence, athleticism, talent, independence, strength, joyfulness, endearing friendliness 
b  :  wrapped in a pretty package

This is the first year of my spokesmodel program and I've gone into it with much thought, research and planning. I knew I needed spokesmodels who didn't just possess outer beauty but also an exuberant personality, good character and who is trusted and looked up to by their peers. Mariah is exactly that person and that's why I personally invited her to be a spokesmodel for BND and Destiny's Clothing Store. I'm soooo thankful she was game!

Ingredients for this shoot: 5 adorable outfits from Destiny's Clothing Store + perfect weather + Mariah's new baby, "Rosie" the red heeler + a beautiful sunset + one of Southwest Missouri's prettiest parks + Mariah + lots of laughs. Mix all and capture at rapid pace.

No session is complete without me saying "Ok, that's a wrap. WAIT, sit there!" about a dozen times and completely running out of light. It all culminates to waaaaaay too many lovely images. Just think people, I'm only showing you the tip of the iceberg. Here's a little peek: