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Art in Bloom Fashion Show 2018 || Springfield Art Museum

Springfield Art Museum ushered in Spring 2018 with a burst of floral artistry at it's first Art in Bloom. The signature event, which benefits the Museum's Art Acquisition Fund, kicked off it's three day festival with a preview party featuring a floral inspired fashion show by Fashion Designers Society members Jennifer Vaughn and Joseph Pyatt. A few members of the 2019 BND MOD Squad participated by modeling designs by Vaughn, floral designer Wenonah Marlin and hairstyles by Paul Mitchell the School of Springfield.




Fashion Designers:
Jennifer Vaughn, Sew It All by J
Joseph Pyatt
Diane Lancaster
of Fashion Designers' Society

Floral Designer: 
Wenonah Marlin AIFD

Hair and Makeup:
Paul Mitchell the School of Springfield, under the direction of Nigel Kindrick Lee
Nicole Cooper

Springfield Art Museum

Barbara Neely

Autumn Danforth
Amber Gorman
Bailey Flynt
Katie Stafford
Alexis Clark
Jacelyn Brinley
Mariah Besett
Emma Freitas
Haley Portwood
Maddie Ballard
Chase Taylor
Katlyn Dedmon
Emily Chisum
Jace Barton
Addelea Lanham
Haley Thomas
Jasmine Gabriel
Kaylee Searcy
Reece Drake
Shelby Harvey
Emily Barnes