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Emma [Traveling Dress Project]

6 photographers in 4 states + 6 dresses = The Traveling Dress Project

One of the best things about being a photographer is attending conferences and meeting other like minded people. When you find the right tribe and click with them you're rewarded with a support system and sisterhood like no other. Even though our residences span from New York to Alabama we talk daily. We laugh, we share struggles and we challenge each other to be better photographers. 

One way we are challenging each other is with the Traveling Dress Project. We have each selected a lovely, inspiring dress to photograph. We will then share that dress with each of the other sisters to do the same. It's not a competition, simply an exercise in creativity. 

The first month of the series features a gorgeous purple satin gown by the talented Joseph Pyatt. My model is the beautiful Miss Emma of my 2019 MOD Squad. Who, by the way, could not have been a more perfect fit for the dress with her raven hair and tall frame. The location was that of her family's friend, one who just happened to have a old plane and model T Ford. Someone joked we were taking the "traveling" idea a little to literally but really it was just kismet.  

Hair and makeup by Jacelyn Brinley.