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Project Beauty 2018

We all know there's a lot of pressure these days to look perfect 100% of the time. Our society is constantly bombarding us with imagery in advertising reminding us that beautiful is a certain size or a certain look. Unfortunately too many people (girls especially) take it to heart and think that being physically flawless is the ticket to happiness and value as a human being. Don't get me wrong, it is important to feel beautiful. It can even be life changing. It's fun to get dressed up and let's face it, contouring makeup is an amazing art form. All true. What's also true is beauty comes in many forms and there's more to life than what you look like. 

The Project Beauty movement was started by senior photographer Thomas Nguyen, and variations of it has spread like crazy with other photographers across the country. While I really try not to follow the heard too much some waves are worth adding a ripple to. So, I challenged my MOD Squad. Let's show everyone what beauty looks like without the help of makeup and Photoshop: confident, honest, generous, kind, brave, talented, skilled, unique, and just simply beautiful.  And while we're at it, let's do it all for charity. As usual, these girls stepped up. Man, I'm really proud of them!

Beauty without kindness and bravery is just a pretty empty shell, my dear. And you can find plenty of those on the beach. People use them to decorate their rooms. So I hope you aspire to be so much more than just beautiful. I hope you aspire to be so much more than a pretty little thing that decorates the room you walk into.
— Nikita Gill, Excerpt From “Life Lessons From The Not So Wicked Witch To Dorothy”

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